Why Mike?


I think it is so important for you to get to know your Carpet Care technician, because our goal is to work together to build healthy homes with you.

I’m Mike von Siemens, owner and expert carpet cleaner, locally born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia. A few months after starting my carpet cleaning business, I started to develop a large number of relentless allergies which has led to bi-monthly injections. The allergist confirmed that a majority of my allergies came from my childhood home, environments I was exposed too and now require three shots every two weeks. Children have a higher chance of developing allergies, asthma or other serious respiratory problems, sometimes later in life. Childrens heart rates are higher thus breathing in more air and creating the greater importance to have your carpets, upholstery and mattresses cleaned regularly.

That is why I started Mikey’s Carpet Care. To protect your love ones from ever having to go through what I do each day. A healthy lifestyle begins in the home So let’s Delete Dirt together for a clean and better future.


Over the years I have built excellent relationships with my clients and have come to learn the frustrations of dealing with large carpet cleaning companies. Having to book through a phone room, having inconsistent technicians coming into your home, and having your schedule changed to suit the company’s time.

You and your home are important to me, which is why I started Mikey’s Carpet Care, to provide a personal cleaning experience that gives you the ease of booking by calling TECH DIRECT.

30 Day Guarantee

You benefit from always having the same trusted, experienced and reliable cleaning technician in your home.

Fully Insured & Bondable

Since 2005, I have been in the carpet cleaning industry and have expertly cleaned thousands of homes, carpets, sofas, RV’s, star wagons, offices and more!

Experienced, Honest, Reliable

I am passionate to deliver exceptional quality, personalized service and a great product. You deserve the best.

Why You’ll Like Me

  • 30 Day Quality Guarantee
  • Fully Insured and Bondable
  • Free Quotes and Estimates
  • Flexible After Hour Appointments Available
  • Corner Guards To Prevent Hose Scraping Walls and Railings
  • Shoe Covers
  • Move and Replace Most Furniture Using Sliders, Pads and Blocks
  • Crevis Tool Allows for Superior Edge and Corner Cleaning

What I Use

  • Scented and Non-Scented Products
  • Fast Drying Products
  • Urine Identification Tools
  • Truck Mount (for houses)
  • Portable Service (for apartments)