Having your carpets periodically cleaned by a carpet cleaning professional is vital to maintaining the look, feel and life of your carpet.

Having your carpets cleaned also removes the allergens and dander which can collect deep in the carpet, creating an unhealthy environment with in the home. It is estimated that 74% to 79% of the soil in most carpets is dry particulate. The remainder is composed of oils, greases and starches. Frequent vacuuming removes some of the loose soil and contaminants from with in your carpets. But due to gravity the remaining soil is generally found in the lower third of the yarns and requires flushing action to be removed.

Some carpet cleaning companies use the bonnet pad, rotary shampoo or encapsulation method to clean the carpets with in your home. These processes may make the carpet look good at the surface but don’t get all the deep down particulate out. Mikey’s Carpet Care uses steam cleaning/hot water extraction, powered by a truck mounted cleaning machine. This process delivers steaming hot water which has sanitizing effects while flushing out the remaining soil and breaking down the oils and greases on the carpet fibres. We are also equipped with portable cleaning machines for apartments and condos which are inaccessible with the truck mounts.

Mikey’s cleaning process removes the stubbornest of spots and soils leaving your carpets clean, soft and revitalized. Our service includes pre-inspecting the carpets, moving most furniture*, cleaning the carpets with our scented or non-scented products, basic spot removal* and flushing with a fabric rinse. Carpets cleaned with our system typically surface dry in a few hours*.

Your carpet is a luxury investment that must be properly maintained so that you can enjoy the comfort and warmth for many years to come. Mike von Siemens is a member of the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and is a certified Carpet and Upholstery cleaning specialist. He will not only provide you with the most thorough carpet cleaning ever but he will educate you in proper carpet maintenance and spot cleaning techniques.

* Moving furniture, some restrictions apply
* No fibre, carpet or upholstery is completely stain proof
* Carpet dry times will vary due to pile density, truck mount or portable cleaning, humidity and temperature.